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    How your website generates traffic is by becoming visible on search engine results pages. Headwaters has designed an SEO solution using the latest strategies, tools, and trends to help you move up in the search engine results for the target keywords your audience is looking for. Getting you noticed and getting you the leads from your internet marketing campaign that provide ROI.


    In dedicating the time with testing, tracking, and monitoring optimization through Google and other industry platforms, we know that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) delivers the greatest return for your marketing budget. It is also the foundation of every good Digital Marketing Campaign. Research has shown that the first five organic results account for over 67% of clicks on Google. Let us help increase your Click Through Rate (SEO-CTR)!


    Local SEO services can ensure that your customers find you locally setting on top of the Google Map Pack and that you are sitting at the top of the search list for your customers with an optimized Google Business Profile. Did you know that Google "owns" more than 92% of the search market? Without localized SEO, your business could miss out on some of the most qualified traffic, which could mean you miss out on those sales. Call us today to speak with an SEO specialist 260-267-5410

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    SEO Audits / Page Speed Optimzation

    No one likes to wait, take off like a rocket for your customers. Often, potential customers are lost when they have to wait for your page to load. It's been found that over 50% of web serchers will bounce to another site after waiting less than 3 seconds for a page to load. Your page speed optimization is critical to SEO sucess and you can loose converstions and revenue if it does not load quickly. Do you have a fast loading site that will keep people on it? Is it optimized for mobile device searches? You can improve your page speed with Headwaters Integrated Marketing optimization services. Contact us today by calling 260-267-5410 or fill out our form below.